Westchester Black Scholars

Honered Teachers - 2019

Teachers Awards

Ms. Rachel Wile for Ossining-Global * Mrs. Ruth for Yonkers-Resource * Mr. Mihailidis for Mt. Vernon-American History* Mr. Gerald Dennis for Director of NE STEM Starter Academy* Ms. Sharon Courtney for Peekskill-Chair, Social Studies Dept.*
Ms. Soto for New Rochelle* Mr. Valencia for Algebra II Honors* Mrs. Samantha Sherard for Mt. Vernon* Mr. Michail Marash for Chemistry Honors* Mr. Coffey for Wind Ensemble *
Ms. Joseph for Mt. Vernon-Spanish 1* Mr. Vandette Carter for Yorktown-Father* Mr. Michael Coffey for Walter Panas-Music* Ms. Valerie Holmes for Ossining* Ms. Cassandra Nicholas for Walter Panas-Math*
Mr. Garcia Jarohan for New Rochelle-ESL* Mr. Nicholas Defreitas for Stepinac-Brother* Dr. Rosemarie Sandground for Walter Panas* Mrs. Lillian Diaz-Withers for White Plains-Guidance Counselor* Mr. Jacob Schofield for YPIE Regeneron-Science Research*
Mrs. Jodi Hernandez for Peekskill-SUNY African Diaspora* Mr. Guerney for New Rochelle-Economics* Mr. Carlo Vidrini for Peekskill-Robotics* Mr. Tyler Lilly for Valhalla-Football Coach* Ms. Teachout for Rye Country Day-Social Studies*
Ms. Denise Velasquez for White Plains-Guidance Counselor* Dr. Candie Lorenz for Walter Panas-Business Management & Marketing* Mr. Jason Fisher for Woodlands-Math* Mr. Steven Gibaldi for Port Chester-American History* Mrs. Berrisford for Stepinac-Algebra 2 & Trigonometry*
Mrs. Livingston for White Plains-ELA* Mrs. Nancy Adorno for Roosevelt Early College-Italian* Mrs. Romero for Palisade Preparatory-EMS* Mr. Neftali Garcia for Yonkers-Math* Traci F. Gardner, MD for Valhalla-Medical Director*
Ms. Kimberley Douglas for Mt. Vernon* Mrs. Santiago for Sacred Heart-8th grade* Mr. Eric Wood for New Rochelle-American History* Ms. Aleena Pederson for New Rochelle-8th grade Resource-Study Skills* Mr. Matel Hassan for Roosevelt Early College-Asst. Principal*
Mr. Avid Williams for Yonkers* Mr. David Carponzano for Stepinac-American History* Ms. Pina Palmisano for New Rochelle-Social Worker* Mr. Douglas Albrecht for Ossining-Engineering & Robotics* Mr. Henry for Pelham Memorial-Resource Room*
Mr. John Krajovan for Yonkers-English* Mr. Lore for Art* Ms. Sonya Wilson for White Plains-5th grade * Mr. Alfred Preisser for Yonkers-Director Youth Theatre* Ms. Staci Ann Brown for Walter Panas-Dance*
Mrs. Martha Belardo for John F. Kennedy-Conductor of Band* Ms. Jillian McRae for Ossining-SUNY RACE teacher* Mr. Tim Orlando for Psychology* Ms. Tara Conlan for Walter Panas-Biology* Mr. Bernstein for New Rochelle-Living Environment*
Dr. Alexander Friedman for John F. Kennedy-Research-Columbia Univ* Ms. Knapp for English* Ms. Pahis for White Plains-English* Ms. Carla Matus for Pelham Memorial-Guidance Counselor* Mr. Ferriola for Mt. Vernon-Math*
Mr. Douglas Albrecht for Ossining-Engineering* Mr. Jeff Lavar for New Rochelle-Geometry* Mrs. Baconpotts for Saunders Trade & Technical-Art* Ms. Thomas for New Rochelle-Mother* Mrs. Laina Joseph for Mt. Vernon-Writing Club*
Mr. Naccarato for Mt. Vernon-Humanities-6th grade* Ms. Solismen for English-Living Environment* Ms. Honey for Special Educator-Study Skills* Mr. Minyard for Lincoln* Ms. Blanchard for Roosevelt*