May 5, 2020
Dear Class of 2020 Black Scholars, This is an exciting time for you as you look forward to your high school graduation. You have worked very hard to achieve this wonderful milestone. Along with the pride that your teachers have in you, your parents see this as a source of elation to see you reach this milestone. 

This has been a very unusual school year, in that you have had to do quite a bit of your high school work by the virtual resource. This situation has demanded that your dedication to the hard work that you have done to reach an important goal in life. 

For the past 31 years the Black Scholars Community Partnership Initiative has recognized Westchester County scholars with an annual reception. The reception has been held at Manhattanville College in early June. Unfortunately because we have had many events canceled because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic that has created such a danger to our lives, we have had to cancel this important celebration for this year. 

We also encourage you to submit your profile form which is included in this mailing and is used identify restricted scholarships. We the “Black Scholars Community Partnership Initiative” congratulate you on your accomplishments thus far and best wishes for your future as you go on to college. 

With Best Wishes, 
Ms. Fay L. Fagan
Advisory Board Chairman

Each year at Read Castle Manhattanville College in Westchesters County we recognize some of the brightest High School students.

Our awardees are selected from a list of nominees from the Westchester County community. 

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Read Castle at Manhattanville Collegein Purchase , New York

For the last thirty-two years the Black Scholars Community Partnership Initiative has worked to offset the negative images so often associated with African-American youth by honoring them and their academic achievements. We are a coalition of 21 Westchester County based African-American organizations dedicated to promoting, supporting, and rewarding excellence among African-American students. "There is a disheartening tendency in public discourse to focus on low achievers and drop-outs and to foster the misconception that all Black youth aspire to be athletes, performers, and drug dealers". Hugh Price Past-President National Urban League

The Black Scholars Community Partnership was formed to dispel such myths. Our vision is simple: We seek to develop an educational community in which hard work, success, and superior performance are universally recognized, respected, honored, and rewarded. African-American scholars who are achieving academically have a unique need for such support. The Community Partnership is committed to meeting this need.

Each year, through a cooperative and expanding effort with 28 high schools, principals and guidance counselors, the Partnership honors more than 400 high school seniors from throughout Westchester County who have maintained honor roll credentials during their high school years. These students are eligible for scholarships, book awards, and essay contest prizes to help prepare them for college.

The Partnership also recognizes teachers who have motivated and inspired our Black Scholars. At the end of the academic year, students receive the opportunity to submit essays nominating an instructor for the Teacher of the Year Award. The nominees have earned the respect and admiration of their students, and have played a significant role in their academic and personal development. The winner is honored at the annual Black Scholars Recognition Reception, held at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York.

Our academic history is founded in commitment & hardwork

All of our awardees follow in the footstep of academic excellence.

Our students reach for academic achievements

As they achieve their golds they demonstrate the best our community has to offer

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Stanford University
Harvard University

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